We have the experience and technology to make your brand truly memorable.

We are a 3rd party UK distribution to retail business and a global multi-layered supply chain. Our group is an ideal all in one marketing, sales and logistics partner for quality brands and manufacturers. As a distribution business, we manage over thousands of SKUs. of warehousing and operate a large retail system worldwide, coupled with an extensive value services offering. Our experience and capability allow us to meet the requirements of our clients and those of their customer’s day in, day out.

11Zero has built a reputation within the industry by fostering long-term relationships that are based on the core principal of customer service excellence. We collaborate closely with our clients and develop a deep understanding of their requirements, both operationally and strategically; this, along with our passion for development and innovation ensures both 11Zero and its clients remain at the forefront.

Sales & Distributions

As one of our main and primary fields of business we have dedicated local and overseas distribution setups.
We are a trusted retailer and distributor, with our own complete chain of logistics setup from manufacturing point to the end-user with a strong inhouse implemented ERP system.

Retail & E-commerce

We develop the informative websites and online stores using different platforms. We also sell our full range of products online and in stores.

Branding & Marketing

We have the experience and technology to make your brand truly memorable.

We provide a proven brand strategy process and marketing model. We put them into practice and analysis the sale.

Technical Consultancy

We start our new field of business in providing technical consultancy in corporation with Imperial College London. Our aim is to grow this field fast in near future.